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This technology, this knowledge is already available and as in every section of the Keshe Foundation, the knowledge is free for everyone, you can use it for yourself, you can build the devices for yourself, or the Keshe Foundation manufacturing produces it for you. Read more about worldwide programs at this page:


Agriculture Teaching
The Keshe Foundation Spaceship Institute (KFSSI) now has a new private weekly teaching available for agriculture. Read more here about what you can expect and how to apply!

Benefits of Plasma in Agriculture
There are many benefits to the Plasma technology use in agriculture.  Increasing yeild is a main benefit.  See this page for a list of benefits, or supply your own with out Contact page.

Plasma Agriculture Devices
Find more information about medical and wellness devices, here. Blueprints for most of the products at the Keshe Foundation are open to download for free, in case you want to order devices from Keshe Foundation Manufacturing, also follow this path.

GANS and FIELDS in Agriculture
The GANS Participation Program involves the gathering of information related to the GANS Test Materials. With participation in this program, you will be providing your experiences (along with other data) related to the GANS Test Materials.